Summer Program Flyer Info

Time to sign up for the TRIO Talent Search Summer Program at KCC!


June 7-24th (Mon-Thurs only)

Week 1:    June 7 - June 11        9am – 4pm 

Week 2:   June 14 - June 17     10am - 3pm

Week 3:    June 21 - June 24   10am - 3pm


-Open to Talent Search who will be high school students NEXT YEAR (that means current 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders!)
- Meals and snacks will be provided....We're talking JRs, Burgers and Beers, Monicals, Country Table Food Truck, and the list goes on.
-Transportation will be provided (students must sign up and confirm transportation with TRIO staff) upon request.


Chemistry of Ice Cream Making - Ice Cream Truck anyone?
Algorhythms of Launching an object - Did some say catapults and trebuchets?
Music Camp -  How many people do you know has created a Music CD and Video?
Drones - DRONE SWARM!!!


There are ONLY 25 Spots Available! Sign Up ASAP! Deadline to register is May 27th by 5:00PM. At the conclusion of our three week program, there will be a field trip YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS. To qualify to the field trip, you must attend, participate, and maintain a good standing with all TRIO staff, teachers, and speakers. A TRIO Talent Search staff member will contact you regarding your reservation.  We do ask that you attend everyday. Lack of attendance will FORFEIT your reservation to another willing student.

Questions? 815-802-8570 or email

To sign up, click the link or fill out the form below and submit it.