TTS Bridge Day Flyer

Later this month, KCC's TRIO Talent Search Program will be hosting a Bridge Day for all new junior high students. Sign your student up to receive FREE TRIO Talent Search Resources and opportunities at

Then fill out the google form at the end of this article to hold your spot on Tuesday, July 27th, at KCC for an intro day where students (and parents) can learn who we are, what we do, what your student has available to them, as well as a game or two and food.

We will show off some drones, catapults, and ice cream making tutorials that we did during our STEM Summer Camp last month. Above this, you will be introduced to additional services, such as Tutor Access, Financial Literacy, SAT and College prep among other things. If the weather is decent, we may even have a slightly competitive team showdown outside!

Students MUST apply to the Talent Search Program from the link above and complete the google form below.  Please contact us for any questions or concerns at 815-802-8570 or