Summer 2021 Flipbook


Our flip book is here! Try it out. Turn a page, click a button, tap one of the staff's faces. It is somewhat interactive, so take a peek. 

It won't solve world hunger, water the grass for you, or put the trash out, but it WILL provide you with a few resources to help you, and sometimes your family, with classwork and general career, academic, or social exposure.

Don't see something you are looking for? Let us know! You can swing by our TRIO Talent Search room at KCC, call us at 815-802-8570, email us at, or even use the Livechat in our mobile app. 

You can find it by clicking here. (PRO TIP: Turn your phone or mobile device to landscape mode to get the best view) Maybe you are old school. Just let us know, and we can get you a paper copy. There should also be copies available in the offices at your schools once classes start.