EIU Open House Flyer

On Monday, March 28th,  we are going to Charleston, IL, to visit EIU's Open House. Not only will you get information and direct answers, you will get them straight from the staff that works across the offices at EIU. Faculty and advisors from the varying majors will also be available for you. 

If that isn't enough for you, they will hold a raffle for TWO $5,000 SCHOLARSHIPS for all attending prospective students. 

Let's say maybe EIU isn't for you. We get it. But it is still a GREAT opportunity to have that 1-on-1 time to ask the questions you have to a professional that works directly in that field.

Parents are welcome to attend this visit, Just be sure to indicate their names on the sign up form below so we save space for them. You can also sign up at https://forms.gle/f4eQj5tPqnTB....