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Male student in a white shirt taking a test while a man in a blue plaid shirt is blurred in the background, also taking a test
Have you heard about the American Gay Liberation and Transgender rights activist, Sylvia Rivera? Read about her using this URL :
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Image of Sylvia Rivera in a yellow dress and black tights in a street with people in the background. Summer day
What do you know about Maria Elena Salinas? Learn more about her, for this Women's History Month, by using this URL:
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Picture of Maria Elena Salinas in a blue shirt sitting on a red chair with a light pink background
Remember! The American Foreign Service Association Scholarship & the Horatio Alger Assoc. Scholarship deadlines are today! Go to our page to get the application:
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Do you know about the first Black woman to serve the nation as an ambassador, dean of a law school and serve in a presidential cabinet? Patricia Robert Harris, recognized in the Women's Hall of fame Article:
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Black and White portait
Have you ever heard about Mary McLeod Bethune, "one of the most important Black educators, civil and women's rights leaders"? Read more about her using this URL:
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Black and White portrait of Mary McLeod Bethune
Learn more about dyslexia and resources by using this URL: and listen for free using this URL:
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Dyslexia Dyslexic Thoughts, solutions, treatments, and insights by kesha smithsson
Do you know about the first Native American artist to achieve the America's prima ballerina rank, Maria Tallchief? If not, use this URL to access an article to learn more about her:
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Maria Tallchief in the fourth arabesque stance
Do you know about the writer, editor, translator, musician, educator, and political activist Zitkala-Sa? Learn more about her with this URL:
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Black and white picture of Zitkala-Sa
Freshmen! Excited for college but think it's too early? Here are some things you can do this year to get prepared for the upcoming years!
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College-Prep-101 Freshmen year checklist. Enroll in a college preparatory curriculum. When possible, write papers, do projects, etc. about college. Enter essays, speech contests, science fairs/contests for scholarships and awards. get involved in extracurricular activities. volunteer in your community. explore careers and job opportunities in those careers. study hard and do well in school (from now on our grades will count towards college and will show up on your permanent record). Start to attend events on college campuses(plays, concerts, sporting events, activities related to your major, etc. ) get to know your high school counselor (the college or senior counselor) and let them get to know you and your goals , career aspirations, schools you are considering, etc. your parents may want to tag along too. Talk to your friends about what they plan to do after college. talk to you parents and friends' parents about what they do. copyright 2007 Lance A. Millis all rights reserved
Do you know about the 1st female Pres. of the Philippines and one of the only women to be TIME magazine's person of the year, Corazon Aquino? Read more about her and her accomplishments with this URL:
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Corazon Aquino at a rally in a yellow shirt and people in a crowd behind her
How about Ellen Ochoa? The American engineer and former astronaut and director of the Johnson Space Center? Do you know her as the first Hispanic woman to go to space? Learn more about her using this URL:
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Photo of Ellen Ochoa
Do you know about the American labor leader and civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta? For Women's History Month we present you with an article to teach you more!
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Picture of Dolores Huerta
Need tips for test taking? Look over this Flyer and take what resonates!
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Here are some tips to help you stay calm during exams. 1. Prepare for your exams well in advance. Try to keep up with your uni work on a dayto-day basis. Avoid relying on last-minute cramming in the days leading up to an exam. 2. Put the exam in perspective. It’s only an exam. The result is not a reflection of who you are as a person. If you invest too much of your self-worth in studying and exams it can create extra stress and anxiety. 3. Get a good night’s sleep beforehand. It’s important that you feel rested on the day of an exam. Even 4-5 hours may be enough. It’s hard to produce your best work in the exam if you’re feeling exhausted. 4. Eat sensibly before the exam. Some people overeat when they’re feeling anxious, while others stop eating at all. Eating a nutritious meal can help you feel physically comfortable and stay alert and focused for your exam. 5. Stop studying about an hour before the exam. It’s too late now to try and learn what you haven’t already covered. Use that last hour to try to relax and compose yourself before going into the exam. Try to visualise yourself calmly sitting in the exam, jotting down notes and answering questions. 6. Know the time and place of the exam. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there. You don’t need the extra stress of worrying if you’re going to be on time. Also, make sure you know what you need to bring and get it ready in advance. 7. Develop positive self-talk. Avoid thinking of yourself and exams in a negative way. Instead of thinking, “I know I’m going to fail” try and think “I’ll do my best”. 8. Don’t talk about the exam before the exam. Don’t talk about the exam with your classmates immediately before going into the exam if you know that it will just make you more anxious. 9. Read over the exam carefully and plan your approach. Taking a few minutes to work out how the marks are distributed for each question, how long to spend on each question, which question to start with etc., is usually time well spent. 10. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Before you begin answering any questions make sure you fully understand the instructions. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Don’t let anxiety build up unnecessarily just because you’re not sure about what you’re expected to do. And don’t waste time doing more than the exam asks you to do. 11. Don’t get stuck. If your mind goes blank and you can’t think of anything to write, go on to another question or another part of the exam, or jot down anything that you can recall on your scratch paper to stimulate your memory and get your brain working. 12. Relax yourself during the exam. If you’re feeling anxious or are not thinking clearly, just stop, close your eyes, and take several slow, deep breaths. Concentrate only on your breathing for a minute or so and then return to the exam paper. Taking a minute to calm yourself and refocus is time well spent. 13. Pay attention only to the exam. Don’t waste time worrying, doubting yourself, wondering how other people are doing, telling yourself that you should have studied more. Don’t think about what you should have done, pay attention to what you can do now. Tell yourself, “Right now, I’m going to concentrate on the exam.” References You might also want to read these tip sheets: — Managing Stress — 20 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination — Tips for Successful Time Management — The Benefits of Relaxation — Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques Sections of this tip sheet were adapted from How to keep calm during tests, Monash University Counselling Service. Tip Sheet StayingCalm During Exams Want to chat to someone? For a confidential – and free – chat about your general situation, please contact our Counselling service to make an appointment at any of our campuses.   (08) 9370 6706 Alternatively, you can discuss study techniques and tips with a Learning Adviser in our Academic Skills Centre.  The information in this tip sheet was correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.
Did you know that Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman in congress (1968)? Learn more about Chisholm in the article linked to this URL:
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Shirley Chisholm standing in front of a government building holding papers
Do you know about the Educator, activist, and author Angela Davis? Read this article to find out more about this marvelous woman, here on the 6th day of women's history month!:
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Angela Davis sitting next to a table with flowers on it, and a blue backdrop
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24/7 Online Tutoring Photostudy by Got it. Online on-demand 24/7 tutoring. 1: take a picture of your homework problem. 2: get instant help from experts within seconds. *instant and on demand *24/7  coverage *STEM, Writing, ACT/SAT prep and more *Live tutoring + 1000's of academy sessions *mobile app to boost student engagement and accessibility. Photostudy has partnered with 300+ TRIO and GEAR UP programs nationwide to help students succeed. find out why over 1 million students are using photostudy
Another Spotlight in Women's History is dedicated to Susan Shown Harjo, a writer, poet, and policy advocate! Read more about Harjo using the URL to access the article:
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Susan Shown Harjo standing in front of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Taxes: Understanding the Basics, provided by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau! Read more about the basics of taxes in the following article, using the URL:
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Photo of a sticky note on a tax sheet that says, "tax time"
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